Père Elias Chacour, Archbishop of Galilee of the Melkite Catholic Church




Elias Chacour

extrait des interviews :

I only remembered only two things from my studies :  God does not kill, God is love.

We were living very peacefully in our village. Poorly but extremely happy. And we prepared ourselves to welcome Jews coming from we do not know where.
Father said : “ These are survivors of a certain a satanic plan in Europe aimed at destroy the jews, and thank god the plan was destroyed, and many jews were saved and survivors might come in our village in a few days . We need to show that somewhere on this world they are welcome. Because they are our blood brothers.
We protests : jews being our blood brothers, it was impossible.
“Yes, said my father,  children it is possible, they are blood brothers, because they are the children’s descendance, as we are, of a certain iraki citizen called Abraham.”

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