Finland : a filologist condemned for attempt to religious peace

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PhD - linguist, slavist

It should be noted that, as in the trial of Father Samuel, the judges felt they had no need to know the truth of the facts set forth by Jussi Halla-aho about Islam, to implement Finnish law on religious peace: see interview Part 1.

Just as the French judges have taken no account of the contents of Islam to determine if the request of Fanny Truchelut was discriminatory or not.

In other words, the European judges, about Islam, shrink from the knowledge content of the texts of reference of this ideology, and act as if they had to take the axiom that it should be respected regardless of its content. (Respected to a point that they do not require for Christianity about which satire is accepted more readily, even if it may be offensive to Christians.)

It is as if the European judges, refused to come out of a bias, a blind belief, which suggests that "Islam is good in itself, can be only good and respectable": indeed the European judges refuse absolutely to take seriously knowledge of Islam in order to see what are the facts and whether or not the content of the texts of Islam is an respectable ideology or a barbaric ideology.

The Finnish decision was particularly surprising that judges rely on the notion of violation of religious peace, to condemn criticism of a religion ... which absolutely prohibits religious peace and requires a religious fight until total victory of Islam.

Europe is dying of willful blindness, and declining at the level of obscurantism, by denying any knowledge that would reveal facts stressful for its indigenous inhabitants.

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