Tsyganes , romale ...

Песня из х/фильма "Живой труп" 1968 г. реж. В. Венгеров, в кадре Светлана Тома. Владимир Яковлевич Венгеров (1920—1997) —

In July 2006 we hold the first german-polish youth-media seminar, organized in cooperation of Solar Net International and Palace of Youth in Katowice. Our group was part of the 7th International Meeting of Youth "Europe of Peace".
We met there a group of girls from Slovakia who participated in the event. They organized a slovakian-polish Dance Workshop. The girls are students of Renata Madaraszova school of arts from Senec near Bratislava.
We have spontaneously decided to make a videoclip of the dancing girls. They do a gypsy dance.

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