Iran: Iranians burn Korans and Koranic schools

Iran: Iranians burn Korans and Koranic schools

For decades, Iranians of the opposition say it, to whoever wants to hear it: the Iranians or other today muslim countries , will be released from Islam while we will be still under it.

Exactly as the Russians threw communism while here the researchers kept on looling for "communism with human faces"...

Here we look for Islam with a human face. Where there is Islamic law, they know his face!
Some find it "normal" and others see the oppression and barbarity it is!

Here lynchers, "ridiculous precious ones", "turkeys" assert themselves with the authority of the wisest, to spit at us, to treat us with all the most odious names, and sneer when they put us in danger of death, they harass and threaten us incessantly, us who criticize the barbarism of Islam, whereas they are racists by enclosing the populations of the Moslem countries under a law under which they would not accept under no way for themselves ! Shabby guys ... mad with hatred and relentlessness, foolish, racist relativists that you are, the Iranians are making you ridiculous!

They burn Korans, they burn Koranic schools!


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